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Redland Market Village

Posted by Krystal Trevino on Jul 11, 2016 8:15:08 PM

Everytime I visit Redland Market Village  it takes me back to growing up in the 90's.  Almost every Saturday or Sunday it was a family tradition. We would wake up early in the morning,  jump into my parent's mini van and head to what we referred to as "La Venta". My father would walk around searching for bargains on Nintendo games and by mother would enjoy the Farmer's Market. We have now passed tradition onto our children.  They now look forward to indulging in  "raspas" (shaved ice topped with flavored sugar syrup)

If you visiting the Boardwalk this place is a must!    


Here are some things to do at Redland Market Village:

Stop By the Farmer's Market, you will enjoy the smell of naturally grown spices and locally grown fruits and vegetables.



Cool down with nice and cold coconut water straight from the coconut! How fun is that!


With over 22 international food trucks your choices will not be easy.


You can indulge in the taste of Salvadorian Pupusas (thick corn tortillas filled with your choice of beans, cheese or seasoned pork) or spice things up with come chicken mole. 


Whether you want to test your taste buds, bring tradition to your household,  or you are an RV Traveler visiting our area, Redland Market Village has a little bit of something for everyone.  

Photo Credits: Krystal Trevino, Redland Market Village, Ecowatch


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