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'Tis the"Hurricane" Season

Posted by Nancy Schreiber on May 19, 2016 4:30:00 PM

 Spring has sprung!  In Florida that means flowers, more sunshine and hurricane season.  Being from the midwest, I was a bit scared of hurricanes basically because I lacked knowledge about them and how to prepare for them.  I had been living in tornado country all of my life and knew just what to do.  I actually thought “this hurricane thing” was a piece of cake because we had a week to plan for it!  I was accustomed to waking up to sirens and having to hit the deck in a certain corner of my basement in the middle of the night. Well it’s been six years in Florida, living in an RV, without any immediate danger from hurricanes so far but they always say “it only takes one”.  Although, Hurricanes Irene, Sandy and Erika grazed us enough to get me to do a “dry run” prep.

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Safe Travels

Posted by Nancy Schreiber on Mar 23, 2016 10:47:24 AM

By Karen Marie, RV traveler and blogger

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