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Labor Day....Did you know?

Posted by Nancy Schreiber on Sep 3, 2016 7:00:00 AM
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              La·bor Day
              noun      a public holiday or day of festivities held in honor of                           working people, in the US and Canada on the first Monday in                         September but in many other countries on May 1.
Labor Day often symbolizes the end of summer, the beginning of the school year, the start of football season and time to put our white clothes into storage....unless of course you live in Florida!
When Labor Day was originally proposed by the Central Labor Union of New York back in 1882, its real purpose was to serve as a tribute to the working class — the men and women whose physical, and largely manual, labor had built the country.rosie.jpg

   Remember "Rosie the Riveter"?                        This J. Howard Miller image was
   one of the most recognizable
   icons of labor during World War II.  This        poster exemplified the American can-do        spirit and illustrated the notion of women    working in previously male-dominated          manufacturing jobs, an ever-growing              reality, to help the United States fight the      war while the men fought overseas.
 In researching the origin of this holiday, I found some interesting facts about this day.......it's more than just a 3-day weekend at the end of summer:
      1)  Labor Day originated in Canada (Labour Day) following labor disputes in Toronto.  Americans adopted the holiday a decade later in 1882.
       2)  The first official celebration of Labor Day in the U.S. undoubtedly took place in New York City. On Tuesday, Sept. 5, 1882, workers and spectators gathered in lower Manhattan to jump-start the first-ever Labor Day parade, celebrating the city's vast and diverse laborers. 
       3)  Labor Day was almost May 1st.  That was the deadline for employers to institute the 8-hour workday which did not come to fruition. Workers moved to strike, sparking the disasterous Haymarket Riot in Chicago.  Fear that the date May 1st was tainted, they moved to declare the 1st Monday in September.   However, May 1 still holds significance around the world as International Workers' Day - in the U.S., it's known as May Day or Loyalty Day.
      4)  Oregon was the 1st state to declare Labor Day a holiday but inexplicably declared it for the 1st Saturday in June.  Thankfully as other states followed suit, they chose to declare it on a Monday so that workers would actually benefit from an extra day off!
So from all of us at Riverstone RV:  THANK YOU for your hard work which has allowed you to vacation with us and given us the privilege to serve you on your days of rest!
We also want to THANK our awesome staff at the Boardwalk, Paradise Island, Sun N Shade and West Bay Oaks RV Resorts.  They work hard every day so that your experience is a restful one!
Have a safe and relaxing holiday!

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