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Keeping your Cool in a Tight Space:  Summer RVing

Posted by Nancy Schreiber on Aug 17, 2016 4:54:57 PM
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The warmth of South Florida is wonderful most of the year but can be oppressively warm in the summer months.  RV camping in Florida at that time can be a challenge....to your comfort and your pocketbook!  Here are some tips to help you keep the A/C on without breaking the bank:

1) Location:  Request a shady site if available preferably facing east to avoid direct afternoon sun. 

2) Cover it up:  Windows and skylights are great for light but with that comes heat.  Day/night shades are a good investment if you do not have them.  Replace the skylight with a black color skylight or just place a cover over it to diffuse light/heat.  Window and patio awnings are very effective.  Light-filtering awning extensions called Sunblockers are great for keeping the sun off and you can see out but they can't see in!

3) Ventilate:  Keep the cool air in by pushing the hot air out.  Ceiling fans and roof vents help immensely to circulate the air...yes, open the roof vents--the hot air rises and escapes!  

4) Cookout!  Microwaves, stoves and other appliances produce heat when used.  Try to keep indoor cooking to a minimum.  Use outdoor grills, smokers.  Use your indoor fryers, crockpots, toaster ovens and other appliances outdoors!  You can even take your small microwave outside and plug-in.  OR.....you can use the heat as an excuse to take a night out for dinner!

5) Eco-lighting:  Change out your incandescent light bulbs for LED bulbs.  Incandescent lighting produces alot of heat.  The LED bulbs are a bit more expensive, last much longer but the savings may be realized sooner than you think as your A/C cost decreases.

6) Consider your pets:  If you travel with your pets and leave them in the coach while you work, shop, play etc., please be sure park staff have a means to contact you in the event of a power outage where A/C units can be off for significant periods of time.

 Finally, you can always cool off in that big bathtub we call the Atlantic Ocean!  Paradise Island RV Resort is only 4.9 miles to the beach where you can relax in the sand, take a Water Taxi tour or find a number of different water activities to suit your needs!


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